Worms 4: Mayhem


Worms. The definitive multiplayer action, fun, blow s*** up game finally has the sequel worthy of it.

Firstly the bad points. The camera is appauling. Seriously, until you’ve played a few hours you’ll be playing ‘Throw-your-controller-the-furthest’, once you get used to it, it still bugs you. However it pales once you get into a rhythm and start killing enemy worms.

The story mode is where the main focus of the game lies, with a farfetched storyline where your time-travelling space ship crashes and you need to collect pieces to get back home.

This allows you to experiment with different weapon sets as you are given a limited selction of weapons to achieve a goal (including one where you only have a baseball bat and need to hit a huge number of land-mines towards cowboy-worms).

However the part of the game you’ll be spending the most of your time is on multiplayer.
The immense pleasure you can get from sending an inflatable scouser at an oppposing worm and watching it float into the air, then popping and sending your foe into the ground.
The huge number of game modes (and the ability to create your own), aswell as infinite maps and thousands more possibilities due to a fancy system called a Wormpot, which allows you to apply a variety of other game variants, all make for a huge game with never-ending possibilities.

There is also huge customization of your team of worms, from the name above their heads to the gloves on their hands, and most things in between.
Also, the ability to create your own weapons opens up new possibilities. Fancy dropping 10 exploding, poisonous doughnuts on unsuspecting enemies? Well of course you can.

This is the true 3D game, worms was always meant to be, fast furious action, and the ability to have infinite flying sheep make this a modern classic.

Platform: PS2
Developer: Team 17
Publisher: Codemasters
RRP: £29.99



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