Xbox 360 Uncloaked

Being the first to blink, Microsoft has unleashed next-gen gaming onto us all, and now we can read the story behind it with this book/e-book; The Xbox 360 Uncloaked.

This superbly written book follows the course of the development process of the Xbox 360 console from inception to retail (as well as a bit of background on the original box).
It reads solidly, with perhaps a few flow faults, but none are immensely noticeable as the content is what you’re really after, the story behind the little white box.

One thing about it though, if you are going to read it, I’d recommend buying the real book, as reading a 400 page book on a PC screen isn’t the most pleasurable of experiences.

From my point of view as a gaming geek, and a journalist it should be a bestseller, and if you are into games, or like any sort of home-entertainment, it should be a good holiday read.

Title: Xbox 360 Uncloaked
Author: Dean Takahashi
RRP: $24.95



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