Ford Focus ST500

Awaiting Picture: Be Patient!

One of the most desirable hatches in the UK is the bright Orange (or blue, or white..) Ford Focus ST, sometimes lovingly referred to as the ‘Asbo’.

With the base model costing less than £18k, and packing more than 200 torque-friendly horses, it was a major hit when it was unveiled a few years back; and rightly so, bang for your buck it was fantastic value.

So what do you do when you’ve got one of the best selling hot-hatches? Create a special edition of the beast, thats what. So what we have here is the Focus ST500.

With a name like that, we immediately thought of the fire-breathing Mustang, but this package isn’t a power boost, it entails a metallic black body, with silver bonnet, with stripes mimmicking the 1966 GT40 that got 1-2-3 in Le Mans that year.

Motivation is provided by the same 2.5l Duratec, 5 cylinder engine that powers the ST-3. The one that delivers a staggering 320Nm of torque at just 1600RPM.

Other styling details include red leather Recaro’s, matching accents and special ST500 badging – and for £20,495 it’s looking pretty nice.


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