Speed-Link STYX Gaming Mouse


Another new day, another new peripheral for your gaming goodness.

This time, the goods are delivered by Speed-Link (the people that make their own as well as distribute Razer gaming products), and are quite something.
The STYX sports a dashing paint-job, a changeable sensor with 800, 1600 or 2200dpi settings (along with LEDs that tell you which setting you’re on) and seven buttons to use your digits on.

It even has a special function whereby you can fire multiple bullets (or whatever game you’re playing uses) with one click of the left button using a trick called Multi-Fire, alerting you when you are firing more than one at a time by making the scroll wheel glow red. 
The press release is after the hop, but this superb black or red mouse is now in stores for €34.99 (roughly £25 or $49).

Press Release 

Jöllenbeck, a leading manufacturer for office and entertainment peripherals in Europe presents the STYX, the first gaming mouse in the SPEED-LINK portfolio, featuring 7 individually adjustable mouse buttons. The special gaming laser sensor “Speed of Light” offers a revolutionary sensor resolution of 2200dpi. It does not only increase mouse pointer speed but improve precision when playing or working. The ergonomic shape of the Styx Gaming Mouse has been designed to give right-handers maximum comfort for long lasting gaming sessions.

Maximum Performance in any Situation

Whether in multiplayer role games or shoot-em-ups, the STYX Gaming Mouse dares to face any challenge. By a single press of a button directly on the mouse the player can select either 800, 1600 or 2200dpi. The integrated LEDs show the current resolution during operation. The user can configure seven mouse buttons individually according to his personal demands via the macro function. The macro function provides the user with the ability to record single key strokes or even complex key combination.

More Fragging with the Multi-fire Mode

Die STYX Gaming Mouse features a multi-fore mode. Using this mode the player can fire multiple bullets by only firing once. Now the player is able to hit the enemy even at higher distances. Switching to multi-fire mode is carried out via the F button. The mode is active when the mouse wheel lights up in red colour. This means two bullets are being fired with every press of the fire button. By pressing the f button a second time, the firing frequency is being increased by a further bullet. A maximum of four bullets can be fired subsequently with one mouse click. The mouse wheel colour indicates the number of bullets to be fired. Red indicates two bullets per mouse click, blue indicates three and purple indicates four bullets.

Special Glides turn the STYX Gaming Mouse into a silent Hunter

Thanks to the ultra low-friction mouse feet the STYX Gaming Mouse virtually hovers over the mouse pad. Aiming accuracy increases significantly whilst the required movement efforts is kept at a minimum. The laser sensor works on almost any surface and is up to 20 times more precise than conventional optical sensors.

The SPEED-LINK STYX Gaming Mouse in red and black colour is available now in the shops for a recommended retail price of €34.99.


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