AGEIA PhysX Price Drop (US)

Well the most well known of the Physics Processing Units (PPU) has been around for a bit, but they have just hit with news that in the US of A you can pick one up at NewEgg or TigerDirect for the low, low price of $99 (about £50).

Thats a pretty special price for all that functionality, granted it doesn’t work with many games at present, but all that might change with the other news they’ve revealed today:

Soon AGEIA will be launching their Unreal Tournament 3 mod-kit allowing you to hack about with the game to add exciting new features and physics-y based shenanigans.

This should hopefully be a turning point for the device, really opening it up to the potential that the mod-community can unleash (and we’ve all seen some of the brilliant mods these guys can come out with), and it gives you the chance to play with the SDK or to play with the two already-modded levels that are being released with it (those are available today).

Press release on the mod-kit after the hop.


Press Release

AGEIA™ Technologies, Inc., the pioneer in hardware-accelerated physics for games, today announced a PhysX Mod-Kit for Unreal Tournament 3  (UT3) that will allow developers and modders to create completely new experiences in the game and customize existing levels to enhance game-play and interactivity. As the engine that drives underlying physics interaction in UT3, PhysX enables dynamic game-play on all systems with additional benefits for PhysX Processor owners. The AGEIA PhysX UT3 Mod-Kit will offer modders everything they need to easily add PhysX-powered content into the UT3 universe. Complementing Epic’s Unreal Engine 3 (UE3) tools that are already deeply integrated with PhysX technology will be additional tools, guides, tutorials and documentation and assets and examples. The PhysX UT3 Mod-Kit will be available for download from AGEIA and distribution partners in December. For more information, visit

To showcase the power of the PhysX UT3 Mod-Kit and the PhysX processor, AGEIA Technologies is rolling out a series of Extreme PhysX Mod Levels for UT3 available as a free download starting today. The first set of PhysX mods includes the “Tornado” and “Lighthouse” levels. The AGEIA Tornado PhysX Mod, which was first revealed at the Leipzig Games Conference earlier this year, features incredible physical realism and revolutionary new environmental impact powered by the PhysX processor. This completely new CTF map is named for the PhysX-powered tornado which tears the battlefield apart as the game progresses. In addition, the tornado actually lures rockets and projectile weapons into its vortex, if fired too close, presenting both dynamic risk and reward to daring players. Complementing Tornado is a new PhysX mod called Lighthouse, which introduces an ominous, dungeon-like structure with myriad levels and hidden corridors, featuring a variety of destructible walls, floors and ceilings and new weaponry.  Additional maps and mods showcasing other types of PhysX implementations and level morphs will be available soon as part of this ongoing AGEIA Mod-Kit program. The Mods will continue to offer compelling game-play scenarios as well as provide examples of AGEIA PhysX use encouraging modders to produce their own PhysX-driven experiences.

Together with the recently announced AGEIA Adaptive Physics EXtensions™ (AGEIA APEX™) Development Platform, the PhysX UT3 Mod-Kit provides a comprehensive technology suite to customize UT3. Coupled with great deals on PhysX cards in place for the holiday season and the upcoming UE3-based Warmonger: Operation Downtown Destruction from NetDevil on November 28th, now is the time to get involved in expanding the Unreal experience with PhysX.

”We’re excited to be a part of the future of the Unreal Universe. Integrating AGEIA PhysX has never been easier,” said Manju Hegde, CEO of AGEIA Technologies. “Designers and modders can use our powerful PhysX UT3 Mod-Kit and UE3 developers can build on the AGEIA Adaptive Physics EXtensions™ (APEX™) Platform to manipulate physically realistic and interactive worlds in next-generation games – this is what the future of modding and game design is all about.”


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