Slow News…Month

Well people, it really is that time of year again, where we deck the halls and make merry with plenty of fatty food stuffs, but for those of us with a gadget disposition, the news can come a bit slow this time of year.

Think about it. There’s no point a company releasing a product now is there? The marketing buzz needed, stocking shelves and getting people to buy it would be far too late for Christmas now, and as such nothing tends to happen after mid-Nov until we start hearing word of the 2008 line-up in very early January.

The only thing you can do is pull up a chair, crack open those Xmas beers or mulled wine and read the stories that we can bring you in the run-up to Santa’s birthday [:)], and quietly wait until at some point in early 2008 we release with the real RandomlyAccessed v2.0, where we will outline all the new lines you need to look forward to in the coming year.

Or, I heard ‘1001 Recipes involving Rhubarb’ is just coming on TV….your choice…



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