The brand new, very sexy (in a figurative way), and undeniably cool ROCCAT gaming peripheral line has just been brought to our attention, and I must say, nice work from the guys in Hamburg.

 First up, we have the ROCCAT KONE mouse.


This 10 button wonder sports movable weights, customizable lights with 1000’s of colours, integrated processing power and a very fine form factor indeed. No DPi values have been found on their website, but I doubt it’ll be shabby. (€69.99)

Next, we have the VALO keyboard.


With a screen in the corner, internal processor and 41 macro keys, it should provide enough hardware-based punch to go along with the mouse. (€99.99)

And finally, we have the SENSE mousepad.


With a minimal friction surface and a microcrystalline layer to ensure gliding ease, on paper it seems to be as fully featured as the rest of the range, and with a pricetag of only €19.99, it’s cheap as well.

They should all be available from your regular gaming-peripheral suppliers from February 2008

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