Hands-On: TaylorMade 2008 ball lineup prototypes


We recently got our hands on the new balls from the guys at TaylorMade, and although it is rather obvious that we haven’t used them in anger yet (bloomin’ weather!), we have been doing what most golfers do this time of the year with their new balls; putting down the hall-way.

Whilst this hasn’t really gathered much information to go on, it still gave me a feeling about the sharpness of the balls.

It seems my fav’s from last year, the TP Reds, haven’t lost any of their charm, and nor has their brother the TP Blacks.

The new boys on the block, the Burner balls which are sold as a longer ball, seem to feel slightly harder, but also seemed to be going straighter and faster along the several meter course.

Even though it was really just an excuse to keep my eye in with the Nike Unitized Techno putter (you’ll be seeing more of this over the next few weeks) that is sitting here to be reviewed, it does allow me to show you our exclusive images of the balls. The pics are after the hop….





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