PSP finally gets GPS


One of the majorly lacking features of the PSP was the no-show of a GPS unit for it, as it is, after all, about the right size, should always be with you (according to Sony at least…), and has a very nice screen to deal with all of that 3D mapping goodness.

So its a couple of years late to the game, but finally (well, sometime in Spring) we’ll be able to plug in the GPS unit (no, not built in) and go for a wander. Maps are stored on the obligatory UMD disc, and there will be car adaptors and mounting units available in higher priced packs.

It should run you €150 when it hits soon, about bloomin’ time as well!

Any more Sony news this morning? There is…but it’s rather mundane like Blu-Ray selling over a million movies in Europe taking a 73% market share, oh and PS3 firmware 2.10 has been announced. Along with the news that Skype is coming to the new, slim, PSP (but not the older version).


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