Brenthaven Fusion MB Black Review

Fusion MB Black Bag

Many people just stuff their laptops, books, work and things into any old bag they happen to have lying about at the time. This is neither good for the things in there, or for your style. Just because you like to frag on the go, doesn’t mean you have to look like a stereotypical geek, does it? So we’ve been spending time with the Brenthaven Fusion MB Black, a very stylish new laptop bag. More after the hop.

It is a standard, flapped, messenger bag style, with a very posh, professional black finish on the outside, while the small baby-blue logo only adds to this effect. It also sports a zipped compartment on the front, perfect for on-the-fly items like business cards or, if you’re feeling brave, wallets.

Upon opening, the baby-blue colour is what the insides are decked out in, where you will also find pockets for pens, pencils and mobile phones, as well as another smaller zipped compartment.

In the main section there is a Velcro-ed section where the laptop is designed to go, however, my 15.4” Widescreen didn’t fit (although not by much, and it does have a bezel wider than many), but it is perfectly safe in the non-Velcro section.

There is ample space in there for a lappie, power cable, mouse, mousepad and laptop stand, as well as some spare for some notepads and books if they are relatively thin.

Personally, I’ve used the bag everyday since I received it to review, and even after writing this review, I will be using it even more. Moving from an Antler rucksack style laptop bag to this is fairly big change, and those are still best for long distance travel, but for everyday use this bag is one of the best messenger ones I’ve ever used.


Make: Brenthaven
Model: Fusion MB Black
RRP: £30


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