EVENT – RA @: Southampton Boat Show

First of all, an apology. In September I went to the Press Day of the Southampton Boat show, so that I could cover it on here for you all to see. Now, as you may or may not realise, it is now January, and there has been no peep of coverage on the site so far. This is mainly due to the lack of mega-news from the event, and partly because my laptop wasn’t with me, so live-updating from the show was impossible and sorting through the pictures after the event was/is nigh-on impossible, but nothing to do with the champagne breakfast courtesy of Sealine.

So since it is such a slow month in the new product calendar here is a shot at giving you a glimpse of what happened, so sorry for the lack of pictures of canapes, Press Room coffee and the Sunseeker Private Lounge, but delve into a few carefully selected sneak-shots of what was on offer from the main marine guys, and we’ll be back to cover it in more detail next year. More after the hop.

Launch of SC35

Here is the launch of the new Sealine SC35


Sunseeker 1

The view of the Sunseeker Predator…er, 108, I think. See it is pretty hard, that was about 500m from the camera location.


Nice Bed

Luxurious stateroom on a non-descript large boat, it even has my exact TV on the wall.



Spacious and light deck/living area on another large boat. Perfect for those working holidays floating on the Mediter-ribean.



It could be any small, luxury apartment in the city, but no, its a boat. Pretty sure it is the flagship Sealine.

Well, thats a sneak peak of what was on offer. After an exhausting day pounding the boarding-planks, and sipping from flutes, I came away with not a tremendous lot of content. Expect us to cover a variety of different events this year from our new look site!


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