Hands-On: TaylorMade TP Red


(Pictures of prototypes have to be slightly blurry – its the law I think)

I recently had a go out with the, as yet unreleased, TaylorMade TP Red balls on a bright, crisp Winter’s morning in the South of England.

As any regular reader will know, I have a love for the Red’s as they are the ball that replaced my German-sourced Nike Double-D Distances’ in my personal bag after all of the latters had strewn themselves in almost every lake, bush and rabbit hole in Hampshire, so these new ones have a lot to live up to. Read on to read my initial reactions…

I was trying them out with the brand-new Ping G10’s that had happened to be delivered for review the week before (more of them in the coming weeks), so it was with great gusto that I took to the first tee, propped up a Red, picked up a brand-new 7 iron and proceeded to hit one of the best shots I think I’ve ever hit (although 2 putting it from 5 yards dented my pride somewhat).

Now although this may have been due to it being my most-played shot, I did feel the difference between the Reds and the Blacks’ I have played from there before, they indeed did feel softer, promoting a more controlled feel which on the short first hole was something that you need.

This feeling was carried throughout the rest of the round, meaning that with every strike I could feel the ball better than with some others that I’ve played with.

A few shots were tried with both these, and the Nike One Black prototypes that are also in my bag at the moment, and for a player of my level (a beginner of 10 years!), there was not a lot of difference.

We will have our full review soon, where we will pass them around the team and get opinions not only from myself, but from high, mid and low-handicappers to give you the best idea as to whether these are right for you.


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