How is the new RA getting along?


Well, you may have been waiting a while for news, but we know about your pain in anticipation for the launch of RandomlyAccessed v2.0.

We’re getting there, the layout is taking longer than we expected due to us wanting to make it unique, but completely user friendly, and as such the integration of the news and review systems hasn’t been undertaken yet (although this is a relatively easy process when it is begun).

The look and functionality we are aiming for is that of a start-page, so along with our superb content and comment, we are trying to integrate web-search and other useful tools and links so that RA is your launching platform for the web.

We will have 3 distinct content areas; news, reviews and a new blog category. This means we can continue providing you with the latest news and reviews of everything you need to live in this modern world, as well as provide you with previews, opinions and ideas from the land of consumer product testing.

We’ll be teasing you with screenshots of the final layout and the transition process in the very near future!



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