New Cobra Irons

fpmens.jpg s9mens.jpg

(FP iron on the left, S9 iron on the right)

Cobra has just launched the brand new versions of their highly successful King Cobra FP and S9 irons.

The S9’s use relocated weights to move the center-of-gravity lower and further back than before giving the club more feel and forgiveness.

Whereas the FP’s have an increased Moment of Inertia (MOI), to aide playability in all conditions.

The King Cobra S9 Men’s set includes 4 – GW and will retail at £438 (steel) and £553 (graphite), whilst the King Cobra FP will retail at £346 (steel) and £415 (graphite) for the same clubs. Try them out at Cobra’s biggest ever demo tour at over 400 golf clubs between March and July. 


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