Razer (The) Light Mouse teaser


Click pic to go to Speed of (The) Light hype-page

Razer has just launched a teaser site hyping up their new mouse that will drop at CeBIT in Germany on the 4th March. With the name of the site, it seems the mouse will be called ‘The Light’, but we’re not sure.

The design looks standard fare, but we all know Razer pulls it out of the bag hardware wise, so we’ll wait and see. Whatever it is, be sure we’ll have a review very soon.

Update: Looks good. Make sure you come back here early on Tuesday where we will show all 😉


2 responses to “Razer (The) Light Mouse teaser

  1. Looks an awful lot like a Habu from the front. Hopefully they’ll reveal something brilliant enough to replace my current mouse.

  2. Yeah, they’ve gone for that style in recent mice, Lachesis and Habu have been similar, but heres to hoping they’re going to pull it out of the bag.
    We should have the skinny all ready to run when the announcement comes on Tuesday – so stay tuned.

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