RandomlyAccessed v2.0 – UPDATED


We are only a matter of days away from the official launch of the new RandomlyAccessed. The hosting’s sorted, the domain is propogating, the design is all but finalised, and the last remaining bits of code are waiting to be implemented, meaning that we’re on the home stretch to reach our new home…at last!

 It is RA’s birthday next week, so it will be fitting to launch version 2.0 around the site’s 2nd anniversary, which to be fair, was my personal deadline anyway.

It’s looking sweet, different, and very very cool at present, so get ready to add a new bookmark and change those RSS feeds over to the new ones when they become available soon!

See ya on the other side!

 -Steve (Editor)


Well, we’ve been working our socks off, and it’s getting there, just it’s taking a little longer than anticipated due to some glitches with the code. Do not worry though, we are very nearly there with it, and are in the process of transferring content over to the new system. We’re using the news script we used to use on RA as our main content machine on v2.0, so it’s beginning to get familiar again, and the new design feels like it’s been a part of RA for an age (well, it has been honed over the past 3 months to make it like it is).

Hopefully you will all agree that the blog was the sensible thing to do in RA’s downtime, and I hope you all come to see us when we start pushing our news/reviews on you from it’s newly rebuilt home. We’ll post the RSS feed link here so you can update your aggregators etc. because it seems many people have signed up for them.

So, give us a little bit more time, and we’ll be back, biggerer and betterer than before-er.


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