Golf Update

Recently had a run-out with the golf equipment we’re currently testing, and decided to give ya’ll a little update as to how it seems to be performing in my hands.

As per usual we headed out onto our secret course to give the gear a good going over.

In the Bag

  • Ping G10 Irons
  • Ping S59 7-Iron
  • Ping G10 Driver
  • Nike Sumo2 Driver
  • Ping G10 4 wood
  • Ping Rapture Recovery
  • Nike Unitized Techno Putter
  • Nike One Black Prototype Balls
  • TaylorMade Burner TP Balls

After the hop, my thoughts.

It has been a while since we last had a chance to play, and as such the consistency from my own game was messed up, but I still managed to garner a decent amount of info on the gear in general.

The Burner TP balls seem rather quite hard off of the clubface, and were not as controllable around the greens as their cousins, the TP Reds, or in fact the other balls in my bag for the game, the Nike One Black prototypes. I didn’t really notice an increase in distance from them, although the short nature of the course might have covered this aspect up somewhat.

On the iron front, the longer ones seemed to still be a bit inconsistent in length (most probably due to my lack of practice with the G10’s at present), whereas the short (8 to Sandwedge) seemed to live up to their forgiving, easy to use hype, with some very respectable shots pulled in from about 100 yards.

My Tin-Cup style streak with the S59 7-Iron took a hit as well, with a few dudded balls (again with the Burner TP’s, perhaps a ball best used for blatting off the tee, but to be used sparingly on high-control courses).

Driver-wise, the square Sumo seemed to keep things straighter, but lacked overall distance in my hands, whereas the G10 was the polar opposite with long drives that seemed to succumb all to easily to a slice.

The Nike Unitized Techno putter seemed to be its usual self, and personally my putting style does not get on well with mallets at all, and was regularly 3-putting from 20 foot, whereas using a traditional style putter, I was getting them in from all over the green. The rest of the team also have had major problems with it, so we’ll be looking for a replacement for the test bag quite soon.

Fairway woods-wise, the 4 was a good choice off the tee, but I struggled to find the right ‘click’ with it off the deck, whereas the Rapture Recovery was good as a fairway wood, but struggled from the rough on a couple of occasions, and more shots were saved with safety chips back onto the low-cut stuff than with using it.

A fairly intensive session with some of the new kit, but look forward to our reviews of it all soon, ready for the proper ’08 playing season.


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