Seesmic Desktop upgraded to 0.6

seesmiclogoSeesmic Desktop, one of the Adobe AIR clients for Twitter, has just been upgraded to version 0.6 which brings several new features including greater integration with Facebook.

You will now be able to control your Facebook Pages from within the application, so you can post messages as well as respond to comments posted on your Page. This should be a killer feature for some brands who want a greater level of social media interaction, and who already have a Twitter presence.

You can also now reply to all of the users mentioned in a tweet, so as to make sure you respond to a grouped conversation on Twitter, without having to send multiple tweets with the same content.

Plus, they’re also announcing a partnership with Yfrog which means the site is to become the default image sharing site across all of the Seesmic applications.

We still prefer TweetDeck ourselves, but for Seesmic fans (and there are a lot), these new features should be well received.

[Seesmic Blog]


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