RandomlyAccessed. What is it, and why are we here?

Basically, in March of 2006 we started getting requests from the makers of certain gaming related products to feature reviews of them on our then main site, GamingHours. After a while we decided to start running reviews of non-gaming things, and so thought that a new site and name were required to push us forward.

The site was only supposed to be a few pages in size, just to let us dip our toes outside of videogames, but alas, the big ocean was too much of a draw, and we were sucked into the consumer lifestyle arena.

But the small-thinking of the old site meant that it rapidly grew too big for its boots, and became unwieldy, meaning that a complete overhaul was pretty much a neccesity. So, that is why during this transition stage, we are on a blog, a simple, quick and easy platform for delivering the content you all know and love from RA, just while we bring Site 2.0 up in Q1 2008.

It’s all the brainchild of Steve Farnworth, who has been reviewing things online for over 3 years, coding, contributing and editing almost everything that has been featured on GamingHours and RandomlyAccessed.

Contact: wastedhours@gmail.com / pr@randomlyaccessed.com


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