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Twitter avatars go back on holiday again

newtwitterdefaultavLast night’s problems with avatars and user backgrounds on Twitter left a lot of people confused this morning, but it was due to a small bug that the company was fixing, and was planning to have sorted within a few hours.

Well, it seems as though some problems are back again, as the company is saying that some people may still be suffering from problems (we are with the site account) due to a caching error on their part.

So, like the earlier problem, it’s nothing to worry about, the avatars and backgrounds haven’t been deleted and they should start switching themselves back on when the company has solved the problem.

[Twitter Status Blog]


Twitter avatars go AWOL for a bit

newtwitterdefaultavOvernight, Twitter had some problems with avatars on the site, where people who already had images had theirs replaced with the new default avatar (pictured, but does come in various other colours).

Things look to be getting back to normal now, but if you do notice that your profile picture has gone, don’t worry, as it should be coming back shortly.

Twitter hasn’t said what the cause of the problem was, but they have confirmed that it was a bug that has now been fixed.

Stuff the iPhone, Palm Pre has two Google Voice apps

p2googlevoiceIn a move to cleary differentiate themselves from Apple’s juggernaut of a smartphone, Palm has seen the light and has admitted another Google Voice application to hit the App Catalog.

P2GoogleVoice, as it’s known, sits alongside the already approved gDialPro to help you control your phone calls and text messages using your Google Voice number.

Voice is the controversial application from the search giant that hijacks the core features of your phone, allowing you to make VoIP calls, as well as allowing you to have one number for all of your mobile and home phones, so that whenever someone rings you (as long as they dial your Google Voice number), they’ll be ringing your home and mobile numbers simultaneously, almost guaranteeing to get through.

If you were cursing your luck that the Pre isn’t available in the UK yet on the back of this news, there is some light; Google Voice isn’t available here yet either.

[Palm Blog]

ROCCAT Sense Review/Hands-On

RandomlyAccessed has the world-first review of the superb new ROCCAT Sense mousepad.

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Orange SPV M3100 Review



During the summer, I was offered the chance to review one of the, then, new breed of smart-phones with slide-out QWERTY keyboards, the Orange SPV M3100. Now, normally we take a phone out into the real world for a few weeks, and get to know it and its quirks during that time, but with a phone like this, more time was needed. So 6 months later, what did we really think?

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Samsung LE40N73 TV Review

With the glut of new technologies being released into the entertainment sector over the past few years it wouldn’t be long before the humble TV took advantage of these and became the dominant feature of the living room once more. Enter the LE40N73 from Samsung, and all singing, all dancing HDTV with some serious screen inches to boot. 

When the TV arrived on my doorstep I was somewhat overwhelmed at its size. Seeing these large screened units in the store is one thing, but having one making its way down your very narrow hallway is quite another, and it became very apparent that it might not fit within the living room (shame then that the only place this 40” behemoth would fit was by bedroom!).
The size of the unit is only a problem when you’re in close proximity, within about 6 or 7 feet of the screen can rapidly make your eyes tired, but this will be the same for all TV’s this size.

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Samsung Q1 Review

If you happen to like gadgets and folding paper, you’d have been pretty annoyed by the Origami project, but if you are a regular tech-head, these handheld little blighters were the talk of last year, and we got our hands on the first proper one to hit these fine shores…the Q1 from Sammy.

 We won’t get into the why’s and why-not’s of the UMPC market here, because, if you can see the point you only want to know about the machine, and if you can’t, then you really need a lot more convincing than I can give here to part you with best part of a grand.

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