.: RAwr :.

Rawr…thats supposed to sound like a tiger in your head, did it work? No. Oh. Well, it’s supposed to symbolise the mixture of raw passion and frustration that (much like a tiger exhibits with a ‘roar’) we experience when developing RA. So it’s a RAwr if you will (we could make something up and say it’s the ‘RandomlyAccessed World of Review’ – well thats what it was originally pitched to be, but dont you think the tiger thing is soo much cooler?). You see, RandomlyAccessed is a funny little beast. Sure it has its charms, but for all its goodness, there is bit of bad – and as such thats why the main site is on hiatus.

But, I hear you cry, when will it be open? What’s it going to look like? And what did really happen to the “Esc” gopher who was the GamingHours and RA mascot in the very early days?

Well loyal readers, you will have your answers. Because the ‘RandomlyAccessed World of Review’ or RAwr merely for abbrev. sake, will be the outlet for these answers that you so cravenly desire until a time as we have something more concrete to give you, then RAwr will go to its original task of being an outlet for me to tell you about our lives in gadgety and gizmos. Lets hop to its first task then!

When will RA be back to normal?

That is being kept a closely guarded secret, mainly because we do not know ourselves yet as the work on the new site is going very, very slowly. We want it to be amazing, but for it to be amazing it must first, be. As in, ‘exist’. So we’re putting the work into completely creating the site again now so that it may provide you with the best reviewing/news/opinion on the intertubes. Be prepared for it to launch at some point in Quarter 1, 2008.

What will it be like then?

Well, again, that really hasn’t been decided yet, we’re in the evaluation stages of the development, and are looking at all of the possibilities. Although I can quite categorically say that it won’t be just a blog like it is now. That path is blocked. It might incorporate some features from the blogosphere, it may even have some of the technologies built in, but it will not be just a blog. There, put myself on the line with that one, didn’t I?

What will you feature on the new site?

We will be sticking with the motto the site has adopted over the last generation, which is; “Life.Reviewed”. So that pretty much means anything goes. If it is used by the living, then we may review it. What may suprise most of you is that we get pretty free editorial control over what we actually review, and normally we have to ask to review a certain product, so we like to expect good things, but if it’s bad, then boy will we let you know about it.

A few categories of things we’ve already reviewed; pots+pans, videogames, TVs, golf clubs, DVDs, cameras, coffee machines, bags, software, books, automotive equipment and more. With this lot already under our belts, it would be hard to find a more diverse review site on the net, but we are already thinking up cool ways to branch even further into people’s everyday.

What really did happen to the “Esc” gopher?

Well, ladies and gentlemen. After being unceremoniously dropped from proceedings over two years ago, he’s back to show his face once more. Please welcome; the “Esc” gopher!


*sniff* Brings back…great memories. But he isn’t here to plug a new career in the theatre or some such rubbish, he’s here to be a hint as to something else we’re working on. We aim to bring something back from the graveyard. Oh boy, will Q1 08 be great.


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